| South Corona, California

Changing Course For Success

Bedford had a challenging launch in 2017, and in the spring of 2020, ownership made the decision to remove its existing development partner and replace it with Pacific Ventures. At the time of transition, about 400 lots had been sold to various merchant builders, a large portion of the project’s backbone infrastructure was complete and about 250 homes were sold. Today, an additional 486 lots have been sold, the next phase of development has received its approvals and the balance of the community is planned and programmed.

During The First Few Months

The first months of our engagement consisted of a complete re-evaluation of Bedford’s marketing, budgets, segmentation, opportunities and constraints. From this work, we developed a new business plan, redefined the brand, recrafted social programming and set a new market positioning.

  • 339 Acres
  • Approximately 1,588 Residences
  • 3 Recreation Centers with Varied Positioning
  • Parks & Gardens Linked By Pathways
  • Social Programming Based On Wellness, Art & Connection
  • Artistic Touchstones Throughout Community
  • Adjacent Land Uses: Bedford Marketplace, Residential & Public Golf Course